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Sunday, November 17, 2019
Hambalang Case Essay Example for Free
Hambalang Case Essay 1. Create a short summary of the case and explain (a) who the suspects / Convicts are and (b) what criminal charges are brought against them Hambalang is the case regarding the construction of Centre for Education, Training and the National Sport School (P3SON: Pusat Pendidikan, Pelatihan dan Sekolah Olahraga Nasional) which is a multi-year project the Ministry of Youth and Sports. P3SON planned to be built on a land area of ​​312 thousand hectares in the village of Hambalang, Bogor regency and projected budget consuming Rp2, 58 trillion. Which is violated Regulation of the Minister of Finance. 56/2010 and the Regulation of the Minister of Public Works No.. 45/2007. Two ministers have not signed, but the funds are liquid. If the view of the BPK audit dated October 30, 2012 (Rizal open the audit documents), he was associated with the melting process advances Hambalang Project. CPC stated, Due to multi-year contract approval process violated provisions, then the parent contract should not happen, [then the remaining unspent advance money] in the amount of Rp116, 9 billion, an indication of state losses. In its Hambalang audit, the BPK also found that Rp 7.3 billion in funds from Adhi Karya went to several legislators in 2010 and 2011, when discussion of the sports centers construction Began. On Thursday (Sep 5 2012), the Supreme Audit Board (BPK) audit report of Hambalang Submitted case to the Commission. The audit mentions that the total state losses in the case reached Rp463.66 billion. In the Partner Selection Process least 19 people suspected to be involved. Namely: Andi Mallarangeng (ex Affairs), Wafid Muharam (Sesmenpora), Wisler Manalu (Kemenpora Procurement Committee). Jilani (Kemenpora Procurement Committee member), Bambang Siswanto (Secretary of the Procurement Committee Kemenpora) Rio Wilarso (Planning Bureau staff Kemenpora), M Arifin (Commissioner of metaphor Global Solutions / MSG). Asep Wibowo (Marketing Manager of PT MSG), Husni Al-Huda (PT staff Yodya work). Safe Santoso (Director of PT Cipta Mandiri Ciriajasa / CCM), Mulyatno (Marketing Manager PT CCM) Aditya Gautama (staff PT CCM), Rudi Hamarul (staff PT CCM), RM Suhartono (staff PT CCM). Joseph Sholikin (staff PT CCM), Malemteta Ginting (Staff PT CCM Construction Management Team Leader at the same time). Suhanta firm (staff PT Adhi Karya), Arif Taufiqurrahman and Kushadi (staff PT Adhi Karya) Advances in Liquid Processing, there are three who was allegedly involved. Ie R Isnanta (Head of Finance Kemenpora). Good Teuku Muh Nur (Head of DK-1 PT Adhi Karya well Authorization Adhi-Wika KSO), Machfud Suroso (President Director of PT Dutasari Citralaras). However, the Commission has set Andi Malarangeng (AM) and the husband of his men as suspects. PM accused of abusing authority. Diversion AM by KPK in planning and disbursement of funds. 2. Does the case involve; gratification? If yes, towards who and provide explanation to justify your answers Yes, According disc magnets incapable of further offenses temporarily through imprisonment or permanently by execution (Stephens 1990). This option of punishment differs from rehabilitation in that no special treatment is given to the offender in hopes to change him. His surrounding is a set area in a cell or execution chamber that many have used before him which protects society
ring magnets rehabilitation, and societal protection are all effective ways our society deals with lawbreakers. Each of these justifications is an attempt to protect society by ensuring proper punishment is carried out. Since crime has statistically dropped in the past 20 years we can conclude that our
neodymium sphere magnets drug users and small time dealers off the streets, but we have to pay for their food, clothing, and housing for 15+ years. My personal opinion: When even hard drugs like coke and heroin are cheaper than most medicines, then maybe our definition of criminal needs a harder look
sphere magnets conclusion the four types of justification for punishment including retribution, deterrence, rehabilitation, and societal protection are all effective ways our society deals with lawbreakers. Each of these justifications is an attempt to
ring magnet Since crime has statistically dropped in the past 20 years we can conclude that our justice system has a positive effect on crime REFERENCES Stephens (1990) High-tech crime fighting Futurist, Jul/Aug90, Vol. 24 Issue 4, p20-20, 6p, 3 Black and White Photographs, 2
neodymium disc magnets General Deterrence received on October 27, 2012 from http://www. britannica. com/EBchecked/topic/483544/punishment/272339/General-deterrence# Golash (2005) The case against punishment: Retribution, crime prevention and the Law New York: New York University Press, 2005. 240pp. CPC finding there are gratifications Rp 7.3 billion in fund

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